Barron Roth

Engineer, Designer, & Photographer

What I've Been Working On

Tablelist app for iPhone


Software Engineering & UX Research

I spent time at Tablelist as a Software Engineering intern, focusing on iOS development. I worked exclusively in Swift, building a new event system that provided critical information from the Tablelist API. Additionally, I assisted in the transition of the Tablelist back-end from the traditional Core Data framework to a Realm Mobile Database written in Swift 2.0.

To supplement my engineering tasks, I led a product QA effort by targeting specific user demographics and collected surveys regarding product issues & nightlife habits. Finally, I consistently provided nightlife photography & video work for Tablelist events at Boston & New York City partner venues.


Downtyme app for iPhone


Co-founder & Program Manager

Downtyme was birthed out of a personal necessity for a more social college experience. I found myself spending too much time in the digital world between my lectures, so I teamed up with my roommate Luke Sorenson and we co-founded Downtyme.

Since its launch this Spring, we've successfully validated our creation as an indispensable tool for people to get together. Downtyme has been featured in The Boston Globe, Business Insider (as one of 21 Tech Product That Teens Love!), Product Hunt, Gizmodo, and Android Police; among various other publications.